Colorado Good Sams 

Objectives and Membership 

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We are the Colorado Good Sam Organization of the International Good Sam Recreational Vehicle Club.

We are a nonprofit organization designed in the interest of a democratic way of life and the standardization of objectives as a representative and guiding body between all local Good Sam Chapters located within the boundaries of the State of Colorado and International offices of the Good Sam Club. As a State Organization we shall maintain an attitude which is strictly non-partisan, non-sectional, non-sectarian, and non-racial and shall be dedicated to bringing together people interested in the ideals and principles of the International Good Sam Recreational Vehicle Club.

Our Objectives are:

  ; To uphold and promote the principles of the Good Sam pledge.
   To provide for an interchange of good camping and traveling ideas to include at least one State sponsored Rally (Samboree) annually.
    To cooperate with all other recognized organizations which are working in the area of ecological awareness and to aid and promote the improvement of camping and traveling facilities wherever the need exists and to make recommendations to the proper agencies when the need occurs.
   To be, in general, a "fun" group with only enough business to maintain organization and reasonable discipline among its members.
  The membership of this organization shall be open to any member in good standing of the Good Sam Club residing within the boundaries of the State of Colorado. Any member of the International Good Sam Club in good standing shall be considered an ex-officio member of the Colorado Good Sams while visiting within the State of Colorado.
  Each membership shall consist of one or two adults and shall include dependent children living with them.
  Pursuant to the process as may from time to time be provided in the By-Laws of this organization, persons of notable interest, who are in sympathy with the purpose and objectives of this organization may have State Membership conferred on them by the State Executive Board.
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